Cover of Desert Moon, a moon rising in the desert

Desert Moon

Fourteen very unusual and diverse stories. From the desert to the South Pacific, from the creation of life to a space-traveling future, from an intimate conversation with a dead wife to the “loopy” nature of time.

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  • Desert Moon - A solo backpacker gets his final lesson in ecology.
  • Marama - A maritime mystery in the 19th century South Pacific.
  • The Bloody Pumps - What is it like to be on a ship that loses its fight?
  • Flotsam - The crew of a space freighter finds a strange bit of flotsam.
  • The Viking - A tall stranger comes to stay among a rural people.
  • The Great Sauerkraut Escape - Ever wake up and not know where you are?
  • Heart to Heart - A couple tries to work out their differences.
  • The Investigator - An SEC investigator questions a man who knows too much.
  • A Talk in the Dark - A simple conversation between a man and his wife.
  • The Find - An archeologist turns up evidence of the first editor.
  • Letter Found on a Park Bench - What would you do if you found this curious note?
  • Licensing Board - A scientific experiment tests the bounds of ethical behavior.
  • The Link - A parcel of “worthless” desert land is passed down through a family.
  • Two Men in a Tub - Old friends close a circle with events in their past.
Cover of Ten Stories Straight Up - an oak tree in Marin

Ten Stories Straight Up

An ecclectic and aptly named collection of ten stories that are just short enough.

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  • E Pluribus Unum - A multi-generational starship finally approaches its destination at Tau Ceti. The people have adapted well to their shipboard environment on the long voyage – perhaps too well.
  • The Case of the Red Herring - The Sherlock Holmes case Conan Doyle forgot to write – the mysterious case of the politician, the lighthouse, and the trained cormorant.
  • The House – A man brings his family back to see the house he grew up in, and finds much changed – but not all.
  • The Luck of the Irish – Three Irishmen, escaped convicts from Port Jackson, capture a schooner and try to slip past a Royal Navy frigate.
  • The Classic – a young actress of the verge of stardom meets a man who seems to know too much about her future career.
  • The Old One – the last mammoth finds release from loneliness.
  • The Dreamer – a man wanders through a strange and beautiful dream, but awakening brings an unexpected surprise.
  • Eternal Flame – a middle-aged man attends a college choral concert and discovers one of the singers is the perfect image of his lost love, still eighteen years old.
  • Coyote – A Navajo medicine man confronts his apprentice who was strayed.
  • Eight East – A young hippie, busted for drugs, spends a week in a mental ward and finds himself both teacher and student.
Cover of Tight Shorts - be glad he chose a better cover

Tight Shorts

Nine very diverse, tightly-constructed short stories to stimulate and intrigue the intelligent reader.

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  • The Swing - A girl, a swing, and a lot of time provide an overview of a life.
  • Colby - An explorer pushes the limits of what can be learned of life and death - and the space between.
  • The Visitor - A look at travel in the coming age of energy shortages
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Neptune’s Court - How did a Union dog tag come to be found in a Confederate submarine?
  • Sibyl - What of us will survive after we are gone? Only our houses - and their thoughts?
  • The McKinley Cut - What might have happened when President McKinley came to Marin County to ride the “Crookedest Railroad in the World.”
  • An Occurrence in the Indian Ocean - Some old seamen never die - but they should have.
  • Tango Uniform - Life and death in a WWII destroyer.
  • Siren of the South - The little-known story of the female Confederate blockade runner

Short fiction and especially the short story format has always held an attraction for me. Some of my favorite reading as a kid was pulp SF magazines and the annual collections of the best short stories. I also loved mysteries, especially Sherlock Holmes. In a short story, the author must establish the setting, introduce the characters, tell the story, and reach a satisfying conclusion, all in a few hundred words. I have tried my hand at the form, in widely varied genres and styles. The stories are available in three collections. Some of the stories are available to read online.