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The Bolinas-Fairfax Road

“The History of One of Marin's Most Scenic Roads”

The spectacularly scenic and curvy Bolinas-Fairfax is a favorite of many Marin residents, but few know its history. Built in 1878 and originally going to San Rafael, not Fairfax, it was an important connection with the remote coast. Meet the men who planned it, the surveyor who designed it, and the contractors who built it. Learn of its many routes over the years. A racist militia attack against the Chinese laborers was narrowly averted. A stagecoach line operated on it for 37 years, run by a string of colorful characters. Mud, landslides, wild animals, earthquakes, runaways, fires, overturns, and a holdup reveal the fascinating history of this famous road. 191 pages, extensively annotated, with 70 pictures, 25 maps, and an index.

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