Witness... to the amicable end of an affair that never started

The young girl sits on her bright-colored beach towel,
Legs curled beneath her, skirt pulled decently over her knees.
The beach is far below, across the tracks.
People stroll through the sunlit park,
Breathing the golden air of summer.

She stares out to sea, her heart uneasy:
Though but seventeen, it seems she has waited forever
For her masculine ship to come in.

Romantic movies and gothic novels
Fill her head with images of love.
So she waits on the grass
Ears pricked for stallions galloping through the grass.

She turns restlessly, rolls onto her belly,
Lays her head despondently on her folded arms.
From beneath the hair that spills across her face
She sneaks an envious peek at the couple nearby.

They're a handsome couple, years older than she,
With a six-pack of beer in a brown paper bag.
She sees the man's hand resting lightly on the woman's thigh,
And envies the easy, un-selfconscious touch.

They're too far away to hear their conversation,
But they smile often and gaze into each other's eyes.
Anyone could see how much they're in love.

The glances, the whispers, the touching of hands;
She wonders how it would feel to be so together.
Oh God, now they're kissing, he's stroking her hair -
She can see how they press their bodies together.

What beautiful, perfect, love and desire!
Her head's full of fantasies, of wonderful lovers,
Of mysterious men taking her far, far away.

But then they stand up, collect their belongings;
Shake out their blanket, start walking away.
They stroll arm-in-arm, their hips pressed together.
There's no doubt in her mind what they're going to do.

They'll go home to their house, turn the key in the lock,
As soon as the door's closed he'll take her in his arms.
They'll kiss again, feel the heat rise.
Then she'll smile, take his hand in hers,
Pull him gently along to their old brass bed.

The curtains will be billowing in the open window,
As they undress each other, fall across the bed,
And the afternoon will be lost in soft murmuring love.

Later, sated by love and shining with sweat,
They lean on their elbows in the window,
Watch the people on the street,
Make up ridiculous stories about them,
Laugh happily together in the warm summer breeze.

Then his hands slide around to cover her breasts,
She turns, raises her face for a kiss,
Then they'll disappear from the window,
To return to their bed.

The young girl watches the lovers walk slowly away,
Her head full of passionate dreams.
And wonders, and envies, and impatiently waits.

							copyright 1983 by Brian K. Crawford