Afternoon of a Fawn

Why are deer conservatives and cougars liberals?

The Big Bang

If the world started with a bang and not a whimper, what did it sound like?

The Bolinas Stage Line

All about the old stagecoach line that used to run from San Rafael to Bolinas.


The day the dinosaurs died, and why you're glad you weren't there.


A magical hike with tunnelsingers and found poetry.


A pretty spot in the sky that's going to destroy the Earth.

Dying by Fractions

Let's kill fractions, they're a real pain.


When is an Indonesian musical instrument like a compact disk?


A contemplative Springtime walk in the Marin Headlands.

Jesus was a Protestant

We think of Jesus as being conservative, but he was a radical.

Kent State

Remembering the Kent State massacre; a personal reminiscence.


They're pretty to look at, but what would it be like to be one?

A Molecular God

Recent advances in microbiology push the limits between the physical and the divine.

Notes from a Hot Tub

Various brief meditations from one of Bush's "Mare-in hot-tubbers."

Red Sky at Night

A sailor's delight? Not when it's the end of the world.

Speed Freaks

Think you're just sitting still? Think again.

The Stars are Out

And why it's a stupid thing to say.

To a Lady Hiker

Thoughts upon meeting a lone woman on a lonely trail.

To Build a Trail

Zen and the art of trail-building.


Why do we do repeat celebrations that have all but lost their meanings?

Carson Canyon

A waterfall, a hummingbird, and a redwood grove.

Haypress Trail

A schooner, a suicidal raven, and a galaxy of seeds.

Pirates Cove

A visit to a tiny pocket beach with Deadwood and Telemann's ghost.

Background: Coastal Trail, Marin County, California, by Brian K. Crawford

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